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Founded by Eynat Guez, Ofer Herman & Ruben Drong in 2016

Papaya Global simplifies global payroll and workforce management by helping companies hire, onboard, manage and pay employees while expanding internationally. Papaya transforms traditional international HR management utilizing automated technology, with the belief that managing global workforce and international payroll across many countries with outdated tools is time-consuming and error-prone. Papaya replaces these tools with a simple solution that eliminates compliance risks, creates higher returns, reduces costs and maximizes efficiency for global organizations.

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Founded by Amos Haggiag, Eitan Yanovsky, and Gady Shlasky in 2014

Optibus helps the world’s leading public transit providers improve mass transportation by offering higher efficiency, better quality of service, cost reduction and streamlined operations. Optibus provides fleet management and operational optimization through advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, and its solution helps to decrease the tons of greenhouse gas emissions generated by public transit companies.

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Founded by Haim Neerman, Noam Shomron, and Tomer Jackman in 2014

Variantyx is on a mission to transform whole genome sequencing (WGS)- based diagnostic testing into the standard of care. Variantyx aims to deliver comprehensive and cost-effective genomic testing to patients using WGS. Variantyx provides rare disease patients with better insights into the molecular cause behind their clinical symptoms, sometimes ending years-long diagnostic odysseys. It additionally enables comprehensive genomic screening for healthy individuals seeking insight into the influence their DNA may have on their future health or the health of their children.

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Founded by Alex Shubat and Raghavan Menon in 2015

Espresa delivers an immersive employee experience and creates a workplace powered by total wellbeing, community and recognition. It empowers HR and employee teams with the design, implementation, communication and scaling of non-traditional employee benefit and employee engagement programs. Espresa provides its customers with the first “culture benefits platform,” which allows HR professionals to analytically assess employee morale and retention prospects, as well as target rewards and recognition.

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Founded by Yuval Gonczarowski in 2020

Akooda’s mission is to help employees and managers dramatically accelerate the speed and quality of internal communications by understand and navigate the digital, hybrid, and remote work world.  Akooda analyzes employee open communication to understand organizational priorities, map the current workflows in real time, and visualize the organization’s “central nervous system” in real time.

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Founded by Alon Moshe and Erez Moshe in 2015

Twine Solutions offers an alternative to conventional bulk dyeing, eliminating the need for colored thread stock and reducing logistics, dead stock, water usage and other waste costs. Twine Solutions developed the first ever integrated hardware/software product for digital color printing on textile thread. While conventional dyeing methods are extremely water-intensive, Twine’s system enables on-demand textile thread dyeing in an eco-friendly process that requires no water.

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Founded by Thomas Healy in 2015

Hyliion revolutionizes the commercial transportation industry with its electrified powertrain solutions capable of achieving negative carbon emissions. Its products include the Hypertruck ERX and two Hybrid Powertrains. The Hypertruck ERX is a battery-powered heavy-duty truck that uses an on-board natural-gas-powered generator to recharge batteries on the fly. Both the Hyliion Hybrid Diesel and the Hybrid CNG turn existing trucks into hybrid electric vehicles. They are brand and engine agnostic and can be easily installed on most major Class 8 commercial vehicles.

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Founded by Eyal Kotler, Reuven Ben Menachem and Zack Yaniv in 2016

Otoma puts the power of automation to work for banks. The Otoma Banking Platform is a comprehensive suite of modules, covering the implementation process from system and acceptance testing to deployment and production monitoring. It improves the quality and reduces the cost, timeline, and risk of banks system implementations, ultimately helping banking enterprise payments systems react more quickly to market changes utilizing far less labor.

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Founded by Avi Lifshitz, Guy Glass, Reuven Della-Torre and Tami Ingber in 2014, Led by Dr. Ilan Cohen

Caja Robotics increases order picking efficiency and storage capacity of warehouses, while improving the work environment of warehouse employees.  Caja achieves this without large investments in warehouse infrastructure, as the robotic system adapts to the warehouse by using existing infrastructure including shelving, boxes and flooring. Caja’s solution comprises two types of robots: a lift robot for storage optimization and replenishment and a cart robot for picking and fast transportation of boxes.

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Founded by Erez Marom, Idan Kadosh and Saar Kohanovitch in 2015, Led by Adi (Didi) Azaria

Workiz provides small to medium-sized on-demand field service businesses with all the tools they need to manage their businesses, grow their revenues and improve customer experience. Workiz allows field service professionals to grow their business by replacing antiquated business management methods such as pen and paper, spreadsheets and Calendars. In their place, Workiz provides an easy-to-use platform which allows businesses to manage their scheduling, customer communication,  invoicing, payment processing, online booking and more.

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Founded by Giora Engel and Ziv Sivan in 2020

Neosec leverages AI-based behavioral analytics to provide entities with full visibility and threat detection capabilities to stop cyber attackers from reaching sensitive information accessible through APIs. Neosec supports entities with the necessary tools to keep innovating without having to worry about breaches that could harm their operations.

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Assured Allies
Founded by Roee Nahir and Afik Gal in 2018

Assured Allies is on a mission to help people make the most out of life by aging independently. Since 2018, Assured Allies has been developing technologies and expertise in managing and improving the aging process, working with long-term care industry leaders and insurance companies. Assured Allies utilizes predictive analytics to help older adults age independently longer in their own homes, as well as to help insurance companies reduce future claim payouts by delivering and financing intervention programs proven to reduce and delay the need for LTC service.

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Founded by Omri Yoffe and Zvika Orron in 2011

Vi provides people with an affordable AI fitness coach. Vi’s software monitors heart rate, motion, elevation, distance, speed, calories burned, and heart rate variability, and its machine learning coach analyzes performance data, providing real-time feedback. The company targets fitness club operators, fitness equipment providers and healthcare insurers, all of whom are using the Vi software to underpin exercise and well-being programs for individuals, as well as for corporations and their employees.

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Founded by Rohit Agarwal and SIDDHARTHA Oza in 2021

Sora provides autonomous debt refinancing to disrupt a notoriously complex and painful process. It provides an automated mortgage refi that picks and executes the best offer across thousands of lenders in the US. A Sora refinancing path leads to zero excess interest paid while preserving peace of mind, saving money and time.

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Lee Kappon and Haviv Ohayon in 2019

Suridata helps organizations simply and efficiently control and protect their business-critical data across their SaaS applications. It created a unified solution that enables the definition of security controls and delivers the ability to take direct actions across applications, so it eliminates the security dependency on the SaaS provider and does not require heavy manual involvement and expertise.

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Founded by Yishai Lehavi and Yael Shemer in 2018

Tulu is an in-building smart platform that provides on-demand access to the day-to-day products urban tenants need but do not want to own. Tulu provides tenants of the largest buildings in the world with a room containing electrical appliances, electric scooters, printers and more. Users can easily browse Tulu’s app and then scan an item’s QR code to rent it out.

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Founded by Samuel Keret, Moshe Bar, and Adi Pundak-Mintz in 2021

Hedonia improves symptoms of mild-to-moderate depression and anxiety through the use of Facilitating Thought Progression (FTP), a science-based solution created by the world’s leading cognitive neuroscience researchers. In the space of different psychological treatments, such as CBT, Hedonia’s FTP approach fits modern lifestyles, integrated into a mobile gaming solution that requires only a few minutes each day to deliver results. FTP offers a new and effective solution that can be used alongside other treatments.

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Founded by Sasha Medvedovsky and Yigal Lazarev in 2021

Diversion is a SaaS Code Management Platform that improves scalability, collaboration, integrations and overall developer experience by leveraging cloud service and web APIs. Diversion provides developers with the tools to move the development process entirely to the cloud, enhancing scalability, speed, collaboration, customization, and developer experience.

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Founded by Ohad Elhelo and Ori Cohen in 2017

AUI offers an unlimited “Chief of Stuff,” which translates into a one-stop-shop for all of consumers' personal tasks. AUI is committed to two principles: to complete all tasks with the same or better quality that a customer could do alone, and to make it seamless. AUI couples powerful AI with human judgment to keep its service affordable so that one day everyone can simply focus on what matters to them and pass the rest to AUI.

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Founded by Ofer Familier, Eyal Koren and Adi Paz in 2021

Glossai is making long video content engaging by providing organizations and individuals with state-of-the-art AI based tools to easily squeeze and edit their pre-recorded content. Ultimately, Glossai suggests what to share, when, with who and through which channels.

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Founded by David Zilberman in 2020

GraphiteRx provides a one-stop marketplace that enables direct purchasing between manufacturers and distributors.

It streamlines complex purchasing workflows and it expands discovery and access to critical drugs and medical supplies, while providing data visibility and analytics capabilities.

It reduces distribution costs while enhancing compliance in a highly regulated environment.

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Founded by Prof. Lior Rosenberg and Marian Gorecki in 2000

MediWound is a public biopharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures, and commercializes novel, cost effective, bio-therapeutic solutions for tissue repair and regeneration.

It focuses on next-generation bioactive therapies for burn, wound care and tissue repair.

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Metha AI
Founded by Yaniv Altshuler in 2022

Metha.ai is developing a platform designed to address the significant environmental issues associated with bovine methane production.
The company is developing a platform which can predict the impact of specific feed stock on methane production, match herds of cattle with feed stock designed to reduce that production based on specific microbiome considerations and monetize the carbon credits associated to the environmental benefits that result.

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Founded by Guy Ernest, and Erez Raanan in 2019, led by Amir Haramaty

aiOla’ provides an intelligence solution that captures enterprises’ valuable data that otherwise would have been lost. aiOla’s software solution is focused on knowledge collection and brings a strong value proposition for customer’s client-facing employees to seamlessly collect otherwise lost data, share knowledge, and receive business insights & intelligence through existing communication tools. The software is automatically integrated with a client’s existing CRM systems (Salesforce, Snowflake, etc.), blends with other internal and external data sources, and is easily operated/accessed through internal communication platforms (Teams, Slack, WhatsApp, etc.)

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Founded by Daniel Meler and Dor Lahav in 2018

InfiniGrowhelps marketers make better, faster decisions and hit their revenue targets.The company does that by giving marketers complete visibility into their growtheconomics and real ROI, across channels and segments, while incorporating dataintelligence and scenario forecasts into budget planning. The InfiniGrowartificial intelligence marketing planning platform frees users from tedious, stressfulanalysis efforts and helps map out the best possible marketing routes tosuccess.

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Marvin McKinney
Deputy Head of Something Important
Et sed malesuada adipiscing tortor enim ipsum imperdiet pulvinar varius. Amet pellentesque elementum vitae ac sit ut at viverra sem. Risus condimentum a, arcu morbi. Amet metus sed purus rhoncus.
Marvin McKinney
Deputy Head of Something Important
Et sed malesuada adipiscing tortor enim ipsum imperdiet pulvinar varius. Amet pellentesque elementum vitae ac sit ut at viverra sem. Risus condimentum a, arcu morbi. Amet metus sed purus rhoncus.
Marvin McKinney
Deputy Head of Something Important